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A Letter From the Founder . . .,

Dear Friend,

Austin Nutritional Research is a company that was founded in 1995 to provide the very best Holistic supplement programs, combining the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients modern science has discovered with Herbs and Plant Extracts used by Humans for thousands of years, for people dear to my heart - my friends and me, or at least that's how it started. You deserve to know a little about the company that sells you products as important to your health as ours, "so sit right back and you'll hear a tale... a tale of a fateful trip"!

I have been interested in nutritional supplements since I was a youngster watching my Father take his vitamins. I would ask him a million questions about them and listen carefully to what he told me. Some of the things he said turned out to be very true, but some were wrong. Marketing hype about vitamins was as widespread in those days as it is today. Sorting fact from fiction was even harder then, but Dad got me started and I will always be thankful for that.

I spent 7 years in College earning a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Business. During all those long days in the library I would break up my Business studies by researching vitamins, minerals and other types of supplement programs. It becomes clear as you read the research that a complete program is needed because almost all nutrients require other nutrients to be present to be truly effective. I soon began to develop my personal complete daily supplement program, one I have taken faithfully everyday since I was 22 years old. I am now 62 years old, and I can not stress enough to people in their 20’s and 30’s that an early start to good nutrition pays off so much later in life. For about the cost of a can of soda, a daily nutrition program can improve your hair, skin, nails, the way you feel and your whole life.   In today's fast-paced, fast food, stressful, and polluted world, the short-term and long-term benefits of complete supplement programs are immeasurable. Strive for optimal health, and get in the habit of taking your Vitamins on a daily basis.

My program has been updated as I have continued to do research and learn, (including 2 years working for a major pharmaceutical company selling vitamins and drugs to Doctors), but the basics have stood the test of time and served me extremely well.  Over the years many of my friends and relatives saw the benefits I was getting from my supplement program and asked me where they could buy them. Unfortunately there was not a good answer to that question. For years I shopped many different grocery stores, drug stores and health food shops looking for all of the pieces that make up my program at the lowest prices. No matter how hard I shopped it seemed I was always spending over $3.00 per day on my supplements. For my close friends who insisted on having my program, I would type up long lists of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients including the best place to buy each. Sometimes I would do the actual shopping for several friends and myself at one time, saving a little money by buying larger quantities. Soon, more and more 'friends of friends' began seeing all the benefits of my supplement program for their hair, skin, nails and general health. I got more requests to do their vitamin shopping too; the reason being that if they simply walked into a health food store or vitamin store with my list and tried to purchase everything in one place, it would end up costing $5.00 to $7.00 per day! Today, I can sell the same supplement plans for less than half of what I used to spend to buy them for myself and friends. As the quantities I was purchasing grew, I was able to make arrangements with the factories to purchase directly from them. That, humble as it was, marked the beginnings of my vitamin company, Austin Nutritional Research.

Today, at age 62, I continue to faithfully take my vitamins everyday (I usually take ANR Formula Level SIX or Maximus) and provide them to my old and new friends.  Our complete programs are so effective you can literally “feel the difference” when you are taking them.  Austin Nutritional Research is now one of the oldest and most trusted companies on the Internet. Our website went live in October of 1995 and we received our first internet order on November 6, 1995. Austin Nutritional Research now has customers in all 50 states of the US and in over 20 other countries.  Our customers have made all this possible by telling their friends about us, giving catalogs to friends and neighbors, and leaving our catalogs at their offices, health clubs, gyms and salons.

I sincerely hope you will become one of my new friends and that you will enjoy all of the benefits of these fantastic formulas that I have enjoyed. I take the utmost care in selecting both the ingredients and sources of my supplement programs because I take exactly the same ones I sell, everyday, every year!  Even if you never purchase anything from me, keep this catalog of formulas and use them to guide you in your supplement purchases. You will get the same benefits if you buy good quality supplements from anyone as long as you follow the formulas; You'll just end up paying much more!

All I ask is that you take just a few minutes of your time to carefully look through our CATALOG, it could bring you a world of benefits, the least of which is saving you money!
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Wishing you good health,

Charles Hill

Austin Nutritional Research

P.S. If you have any questions please feel free to write, FAX (512-267-4448), or e-mail (<>) ANR a letter anytime! We'll write you back as soon as possible. C.H.

P.S.S  My Mission is to point you in useful directions as you go on your own journey.  C.H.


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Austin Nutritional Research Super Premium Broad Spectrum Nutritional Supplement Programs for People who Know Vitamins since 1995

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