Austin Nutritional Research Super Premium Broad Spectrum Nutritional Supplement Programs for People who Know Vitamins since 1995

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Why We are Different!

Austin Nutritional Research Formulas are Holistic, they combine the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients modern science has discovered, with Herbs and plant extracts that have been used by Humans for thousands of years. Read our Formula labels carefully and see for yourself! 

Austin Nutritional Research gives it’s customers the very best value.  A HUGE Percentage of what you normally pay for nutritional supplements goes to pay for full color catalogs, labeling and packaging.  Buying direct from us adds value by eliminating HIGH retail store markups and results in much fresher products because they do not spend 60 to 90 days in retail distribution channels and warehouses.

Austin Nutritional Research has been serving the web since 1995.  Austin Nutritional Research now has customers in all 50 states of the US and in over 20 other countries.   Many other companies have come and gone since then.  Our customers have made all this possible by telling their friends about us, giving catalogs to friends and neighbors, and leaving our business cards and catalogs at their offices, health clubs, gyms and salons.    They do that for one simple reason; our products work!  Our customers get real results from our products, so they stay our customers and tell their friends.

Austin Nutritional Research makes the complete analysis of each of its Formulas available for their customers’ review. The best way to compare nutritional programs is to completely ignore all trade names, “patented processes”, and marketing hype. Just put the analysis of each side by side and compare!  

Austin Nutritional Research was founded on the principle that only complete nutritional supplement programs work!  Most vitamin companies try to sell you individual pills with only one or a few ingredients because it is much more profitable to get you to buy many, many bottles.  The result is that it costs a fortune to get a complete nutritional program.  The unfortunate side effect is that most people buy only a few and therefore get no results!  Only Complete Formulas Work!  We believe that putting everything in one convenient packet greatly increases compliance, which simply means you actually take all your vitamins every day.

The central point that becomes clear as you study the research is that individual or only a few vitamins almost never have much positive effect, at least not nearly as much of a positive effect as complete programs!

Austin Nutritional Research is NOT a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Firm.  Products purchased from MLM’s are marked up huge amounts to cover layer upon layer of commissions.  When MLM’s talk about making huge profits, who do you think is paying for those commissions?

All we ask is that you take just a few minutes of your time to look thru our CATALOG, it could bring you a world of benefits, the least of which is saving you money.

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Austin Nutritional Research Super Premium Broad Spectrum Nutritional Supplement Programs for People who Know Vitamins since 1995

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